Pincurls in preparation for tonight - but first I have hair to do. I’m going to start blogging my morning routines (makeup & hair) step by step as requested by some of you so watch this space. #pinup #pinupgirl #pinupstyle #photooftheday #retro #redhead #rockabilly #rockabillygirl #vintage #vintagehair #vintagestyle #vintagefashion #girl #ginger #vintagemakeup #redlips #style #instapic #instadaily #sailorviedee
First proper style in the salon #pinup #pinupgirl #pinupstyle #vintage #vintagehair #vintagestyle #victoryrolls #vintagehairstyle #rockabilly #rockabillyhair #sailorviehairstyling #sailorviedee #rebelpinup
Curly sue

Dress is primark

Hair set in large sponge rollers overnight and brushed out and styled
Little cheeky one of yours truly from my blog 

1940s night hello!

Red dress from eBay customised by me - added a little cameo and my new fur stole which I’m a little worried about wearing in public!

Hair is in two victory rolls and waved !
Treat myself to this clock - had my eye on it for a while. #retro #clock #vintage #smiths #metamec #kitsch #vintagehome
Last night..
Probably the wrong outfit to wear on a fat day! 

Top is Primark - pants my mum gave me from Matalan as they were too small for her! 

I head back to Leeds today and I ain’t looking forward to it!! 

Hair is pinned into a roll in the back with a head scarf. You can find tutorials on how to do the headscarf if you click on the YouTube link ^
Loved my hair last night
Self portrait.
Cream tea today
Hey cats and kittens, head on over to my personal blog and follow!

Got a friend coming to stay for a few days! Just gotta go meet him from the station!
The catsuit is like the denim one but I bought it in black…. Naughty! It’s from tarantula clothing. And the belt was included!!
My hair is similar to yesterday I just added a roll into my fringe!
I’m going to see the new evil dead - so excited!
Kisses,  Dee Xxx
Feel like I’m looking a little ‘stepford wives’ today.

I dyed my hair last night and I love the colour - really pleased with it! 

The sweater was a hand me down from sailorviejen - I love it! And the skirt is the River Island one I’ve worn before.

My hair I flicked out with the straighter and brushed out.

Spirits are high today and my friend Dan is coming to visit tomorrow! 

Have a lovely day